Mycosis of the guttural pockets

Did you say mycosis of the guttural pockets?

What is it?

 Guttural pouch fungus is a potentially fatal fungal infection (Aspergillus fumigatus) that affects the guttural pouch and its internal structures (nerves and arteries).

When to be alerted?

The most common clinical signs are nasal discharge and epistaxis (moderate to severe bleeding) caused by fungal erosion of the internal carotid artery in most cases, but also of the external carotid and/or maxillary arteries.

Dysphagia is also an important sign, caused by the damage that the fungus produces on the vagus and glosopharyngeal nerve branches. The horse can no longer swallow.

How to diagnose?

Endoscopy is the best technique for the diagnosis of mycosis of the guttural pouches. Make an appointment as soon as possible at the Meslay Clinic.

The Treatment

  • Washing
  • Removal of the diphtheria membrane
  • Application of a balloon catheter or coil in the affected arteries
  • Oxygen therapy on the fungus by salpyngopharyngostomy