Angular deviations of foals


The foal is not only a “small horse”, it has its own pathologies:


Angular deviations

Young foals are sometimes born “deviated” or “twisted”. In the first few weeks of life, this tends to improve in most cases. However, in some foals, the growth plate of the bone produces more on one side (internal or external) than on the other. If the deviation is of low degree, resin or inserts are indicated internally or externally. Shock waves may also be prescribed.

If the problem is more advanced, a periosteal elevation can be performed. Finally, when the deviation is very important, screws must be placed in order to completely stop the growth on one side.


Retraction of the flexor tendons

Foals may have retractions of the deep (clubfoot) or superficial flexor tendon. In less advanced cases, a pinch extension and painkillers may be sufficient, but sometimes a desmotomy of the carpal tunnel is indicated.