Veronica Cadringher

Associate FEI Veterinarian

Hospital manager

Areas of expertise: Gynecology, Internal Medicine

“Of Italian origin, I studied at the University of Pisa while training in the field in different stables. In 2020 I joined the clinic team and in parallel I am Treating Vet for the FEI”.

What she likes and motivates her in her job?

“I enjoy caring for our hospitalized boarders every day by providing the care they need. Being in charge of the hospital, I regularly take in horses on an emergency basis, which makes every day different.”


Outside the Clinic?

“I love going to the racetrack or eventing grounds. I have great memories of Rome in 2022 and the Lion d’Angers World Cup where I have been Treating Vet for 3 years.

My other passion is cooking, obviously Italian!”


Publications / Articles / Videos :