Tuur Willems


Areas of expertise: Surgery

“Since I was young, I have always cared about animals. That’s why I started to study veterinary medicine. After six years of study at the University of Ghent, I stayed on for another year to do a rotating internship. My interests were mainly in surgery. So when the opportunity arose to do a surgical residency at the Meslay Clinic, I accepted it.


What she likes and motivates her in her job?

“In surgery, every day is different. You never know what emergencies are going to come up and that’s the part I love. Right now, I still have a lot to learn, which makes every day very interesting for me.”


Outside the Clinic?

“In my free time, I like to cook, discover new tastes and dishes with my family and friends. I also like to take long walks in nature. It allows me to relax completely”.