Sebastia SUREDA

Associate FEI Veterinarian / Practice manager

Areas of expertise: Surgery, Orthopedics, Racehorses and sports horses

“I am originally from Majorca and I did my veterinary studies in Valencia. During my last year of studies I did an internship at the Meslay clinic which I continued with a year of internship. During this year of deepening Dr. Tamara de Beauregard offered me the opportunity to train in surgery and orthopedics, areas that I am most passionate about.


What he likes and motivates him in his job?

“We are fortunate to be a large team, which allows for a constant exchange with different specialists. The large number of horses examined and treated at the clinic”.


Outside the Clinic?

This rider is also a breeder of sport horses. He is passionate about the origins of show jumping.


Publications / Articles / Videos :