Lisa De Lange

Internal Medicine

Areas of predilection: Sports medicine, internal medicine (Cardio-respiratory)

A graduate of the University of Gand, the Belgian Lisa De Lange chose the Meslay-du-Maine clinic for the varied challenges she encounters in her daily life. Awarded for her research in cardiology, she also knows how to face with dedication and professionalism all equine pathologies that require intensive care. She was awarded the Lous Monreal Award in 2019 for the study on pacemakers in donkeys (Research award AVEF 2020 congress).“I graduated from the University of Gand. I then did an internship (clinical deepening of one year) and a residency in internal medicine (specialization in cardiology, respiratory system, gastroenterology, hematology, neonatology, etc.) at the same university. Since February 2022, I have graduated from the European College in Internal Medicine. I arrived at the Meslay clinic in October 2021. I take care of all the medical part, including the neonatology department in the spring”.

What she likes and motivates her in her job?“I like challenges: horses and foals requiring intensive care, horses with cardiological problems and monitoring racehorses. The training of interns and interns in the hospital (and therefore the training of the team) is also very rewarding. I like working in a team, in conjunction with the hospital team (young assistants, nurses). I enjoy working with horses performing at a high level and developing the medical service here at the clinic”.

Outside the Clinic?“ Hiking and crossfit. Spend “quality time” with my companion and enjoy the calm at home”.

Publications / Articles / Videos :

August 2022
Echocardiographic Features of the Ductus Arteriosus and the Foramen Ovale in a Hospital-Based Population of Neonatal Foals

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