The Meslay-du-Maine Clinic includes:

  • 3 hospital buildings, 1 of which is isolated for contagious diseases
  • 27 boxes
  • 4 paddocks
  • A team of 4 hospital veterinarians present 24/24 assisted by 6 grooms and veterinary care assistants.


Patients may be hospitalized for a variety of reasons:

The most common is for a surgery or a scheduled examination, in this case the horses arrive the day before in order to be able to carry out the pre-operation examinations in the calm (blood test, examination by the anaesthetist, radiographies or complementary echographies…).

Hospitalization for urgent reasons (colic, traumatology, neonatology) is possible at any time. You just have to contact the secretariat during the opening hours or the veterinarian on call (single number).

Our team remains at your disposal during the period of hospitalization of your pet, visits are possible by appointment only and accompanied by hospital staff.


Our hospital has been designed and built to prevent any risk of infection and aggravation of the pathologies of the hospitalized horses:

  • walls of the boxes in solid and smooth concrete
  • galvanized or stainless steel metal parts
  • stall doors made of GOVAPLAST (recycled, rot-proof and hygienic plastic),
  • building ventilation system adapted for good respiratory hygiene of the horses,
  • strict protocol of disinfection of the building and the boxes,
  • fodder (analysed) kept in a storage building respecting the norms of aeration in an optimal way.


A video surveillance system is connected to all the veterinarians who can monitor the boxes live 24 hours a day.